Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yo Mama fight!

I'm just posting this here because some of these comebacks are too hilarious to forget.

...apologies to anyone who hasn't read Harry Potter.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Guess who dropped in for a visit?

This guy (or girl) swooped into a tree just as I was walking past! He (or she) sat there for a couple minutes, being perfectly chill while I stared and took pictures.

My friend Melissa happened to walk by just then, and I waved her over excitedly to get a look at this guy. She sent a photo to her mom, who runs a raptor rescue, and was able to identify it as a juvenile red-shouldered hawk.

He perched for a bit and then decided to glide off to another nearby tree. Unfortunately, Melissa and I had to go to class right about then, but it was a really neat visit!

It's a good thing Timmy decided to stay home today...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lol, my thesis

This is the best tumblr ever. Like, ever. Seriously. It's basically a bunch of grad students summarizing their theses in a couple sentences.

Some highlights:

I have a lot of feelings about female saints’ lives and feminism. Also dragons.

History, University of Virginia

Oooh, pretty manuscript.

Medieval History and Literature, Harvard College

I make shit up. Maybe it will get published. Maybe I will be poor. Maybe both.

Creative Writing, Harvard

Turns out everyone in the 19th century was a perv. At least the Greeks were honest about it…

Art History, Williams College

When Joyce writes about sex everyone is uncomfortable. Everyone ever.

Literary Studies, Beloit College

Killing millions of microscopic worms is kinda fun

Biology, Pomona College

If I apply enough literary theory, I figure I will eventually trick you into thinking I’m intelligent.

English, Trinity College Dublin

Sometimes, your narrator lies to you, and you’re like, “lol wut,” and other times you’re like, “k cool,” or “omg.”

English, Harvard

I mixed shit together and magic happened.

Chemical Engineering, Princeton University

When medieval people wrote about birds, what they were actually writing about was sex. Even monks. Especially monks.

Literature, Ohio University

Monkeys like to pick things up and put them down (especially when there’s food involved).

Biology, Georgetown

No one knows what critical thinking is, but here are some methods for teaching it.

Masters in Teaching, Northwest University

We found out that fish that look different are different species

Marine Biology, Boston University

I killed a bunch of zebrafish embryos and shot lasers at them to figure out where a protein was. It’s everywhere.

Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University

Despite Chaucer’s reliance on centuries of misogynistic literature for character construction, he uses the abuses of logic utilized by those same sources to create an unstereotype-able female character in The Merchant’s Tale; also there are lots of weird sex and poop jokes in medieval French poems.

English Literature, California State University, Long Beach