Tuesday, December 17, 2013


So after a day of making glitter pinecones and coloring paper ornaments for her Christmas tree (pink, of course) the kidlette and I sat down to dinner. She ate a big plate of broccoli and some pasta and when she was all done I asked her what she was supposed to do.

"Clear my dishes!" she said with a smile, which then faded to a look of contemplation as a thought crossed her mind. "Or..." she said slowly, "I could have dessert..."

I paused and considered that this was a valid point. The possible applications, I realized, were endless:

"Your annotated bibliography is due on Tuesday."
"Or...I could have dessert."

"Please empty the dishwasher."
"Or...I could have dessert."

"Your credit card payment is now due."
"Or...I could have dessert."

After some deliberation, we decided on three slices of chocolate covered banana, because dessert is always a viable option in any scenario.

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