Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oh, thank God.

Dear Livia, 

           Congratulations.  The Graduate Committee is pleased to inform you that your Graduate Exercise exam has been judged to be a High Pass.
You will be required to revise your Graduate Exercise in the final semester of coursework before you take your comprehensive exams or begin work on your thesis.  At this time, we will also complete your Advancement to Candidacy form.  This revision is expected to lengthen your Graduate Exercise by approximately one third and to evidence learning gained subsequent to your admission to the Master of Arts in English program.  Many students will find it productive to expand the initial Graduate Exercise by exploring its thesis in the light of a recognized critical perspective such as the feminist, the Marxist, the psychoanalytic,etc.  The revision is expected, moreover, to include a portion that reflects on how and why you revise as you have.  Please contact the Graduate Coordinator when you have successfully completed the requisite units to pick up a copy of your Graduate Exercise; you will have two weeks to revise it. A discussion between you and two faculty members about the revision will follow.  No units are generated and no grade is assigned.  All the steps in the fulfillment of this requirement aim at your enhanced learning and serve as an oral component of the degree.
            Now is the time to check your timeline, making certain it synchronizes with all the tasks required of you. Both the staff members in the English Department office and I are available to assist you. Again, congratulations!

Apparently I have to "revise" my initial interpretation in my final semester as a means of demonstrating everything I've learned in the master's program. But at least I'm in now and they can't kick me out!

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