Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tonight, on "Things You Will Never Hear Outside of a Medieval Lit Classroom"

"The giant is legally correct."
--Medievalist Professor

I really want to put that quote on a bookmark.

Edit: Because a few people have asked,

Once upon a time, there was a giant named Arrok. Arrok was a happy little giant who lived deep in the forest where he liked nothing more than to care for his herd of happy little deer. One day, an uppity knight named Sir Eglamour came to call. Sir Eglamour strode into the giant's forest without so much as a by-your-leave. The knight blew his hunting horn, which greatly upset the giant's timid herd of deer. Sir Eglamour's hounds began to bark, and their horrible baying soon woke Arrok from his peaceful slumber. By the time Arrok awoke, he found that Sir Eglamour had slain his favorite deer. This made Arrok very cross. For Arrok, you see, belonged to the forest, and the deer in turn belonged to Arrok. Because Sir Eglamour did not ask Arrok's permission to ride onto the giant's land and hunt his deer, he was, in fact, poaching, which is a terribly naughty crime punishable by death. And so, Arrok flew into a rage, which was quite within his legal rights, determined to mete out justice. And everyone with any sense agreed that the giant was legally correct.

Except for the knight, who chopped off his head.

The end.

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