Friday, June 14, 2013

For God's sake, make sure the juices run clear

I should not be allowed to cook meat.

I did not check to make sure the juices ran clear. I just thought it was ketchup water.

So when I took a bite out of a mostly raw burger I went, "Well, fuck" and put it back on the grill. I took another bite, still kinda raw, "God dammit". I put it back on, made sure it was cooked through this time, and ate the whole thing. This, on the whole, was probably a bad idea.

I spent two hours waiting to throw up Wednesday morning. My trying to delay it with digestive enzymes and pepto bismol did not help matters. My whole body ached the rest of the day, my stomach still hurt, and I probably had a fever. I drank as much water and Vitamin Water as I could and nibbled on saltines. Mom made pastina in brodo with her home made chicken stock, which helped a lot. It wasn't until I took two ibuprofen that my fever broke and I stopped hurting.

The next day I felt almost normal again. I'm still eating pretty simple foods in relatively small amounts so I don't overload my stomach. I told Mom I'd go with her to help cover up her classroom. Thankfully, it's not that labor intensive, just taping paper over all the bookshelves so the things inside don't get dusty over the summer.

Mom just came in and told me they want to put new doors on my closet. Right now. You couldn't have told me this shit yesterday, guys?

I wish to God we'd just hire professionals for all the renovations.

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