Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Hobbit Summary

One of these dwarves is a vampire.

Radagast is best wizard.

(about halfway through the movie) One of these dwarves is Dr. Jekyll.

Gandalf the Grey is here to kill goblins and light fireworks, and he's all out of fireworks!

Ooo! Ooo! Goblin falling off a bridge Wilhelm Scream!

Conversation with Skeeve afterwards:

Me: Am I the only one who heard the hedgehog say "I'm fine" after Radagast fixed it?

Skeeve: Yes. Or at least I don't remember.

Me: He made little hedgehog noises that I swear sounded like, "I'm fine."

Skeeve: You now speak hedgehog.

Me: Well, Timmy's a good teacher.

(after getting home from the movie) Omfg, Radagast is the fucking Doctor?!?

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