Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A moose once bit my sister...

I've just discovered that the Theon Greyjoy chapters in A Clash of Kings are way more fun if you read them with a Swedish or Norwegian accent, the culture of the Iron Islands from which Theon hails being so obviously based on Viking civilization.

"Dagmer Cleftjaw stood by der high carved prow of his longship, Foamdrinker.  Theon had assigned him der task of guarding der ships; uddervise men vould have called it Dagmer's victory, not his.  A more prickly man might have taken dat fer a slight, but der Cleftjaw had only laughed."

...I learned it by watching Monty Python, ok???  Go on, say the word "Foamdrinker" with a Swedish accent and see if you don't crack up.  I DARE you.

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