Monday, January 3, 2011

Day Two: SFX to London

Day Two: SFX to London

Jan. 1st 2011

7:08 pm PST

I am currently in the bubble of a 747 so here are some of today’s highlights:

Got to SFX and sat in the British Airways lounge for three hours before our flight. It was filled to the brim with snackey poos! Even little sandwiches! And also booze. Then we stood in the special line and boarded the plane directly from the lounge.


That's a lot of booze

I took the window seat, which faces towards the tail of the plane. Dad tried to tell me what it was like to take off backwards.

DAD: You know that flume ride at Disneyland?

ME: Splash Mountain?

DAD: Yeah, it’s nothing like that.

This is what a business class seat looks like

When you fly British Airways you get called Madam. A lot.

When you fly business class you get actual cutlery and china.

And more booze.

There’s also a touchscreen TV with movies and TV shows on demand. I am somewhat amused that Gandhi is among the list of films. It’s like saying, “Hello, welcome to our country! Here’s a movie about the greedy imperialists we used to be!”

Oh! And there’s a map that tells you where the plane is currently and how much time you have left on your flight. It looks like we’re flying over Lake Winnipeg right now. HI, SCOTT AND EDEN!

Six and a half more hours left to go. I guess maybe I should try and sleep for a couple of them. Kay bye!

9:00 pm PST

Turbulence! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

12:30 am PST

Hay you guyz, I found teh sun. No reely.

I think I slept for maybe an hour. I need coffee and a neb -_-

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