Monday, January 3, 2011

Day Three: London Heathrow to Charles De Gaule

Day Three: London Heathrow to Charles De Gaule

Jan. 2nd 2011

Got baaaad motion sickness during landing in London. Possibly because I was facing backwards and possibly because I had to scarf the breakfast they served me an hour before landing so I would have time to take my meds. The meds may also have contributed to the dizzyness.

We had to go though security again once we got to Heathrow airport. Why, I have no idea. The lady who came to take us to our connecting flight didn't tell us we'd have to go through security again so it was somewhat of a pain in the arse. I still had my water bottle that they gave me on the plane in my bag, so they had to pull it aside, take everything out and run a chemical swipe over the inside. The security guard wasn't mean or anything. He just looked at me kind of matter of factly and said in his heavy London accent, "Who left this bottle in here?"

"I did," I replied apologetically.

He nodded. "You did."

"I'm sorry, it was given to me on the plane."

"S'alright. Just means we have to check it, that's all."

Of course I couldn't take the bottle past security so I used some of the water to down a couple ibprofen and let them throw the rest away.

We had to board our connecting flight immediately after we landed so I didn’t really get a break from constant motion. I barely made it on the ride over the channel, but luckily the pilot was the Doctor so he was able to bring us in without too much turbulence. Seriously though, the captain sounded a lot like David Tennant.

British Airways lost Dad’s bag and then we wandered around the airport for a long time looking for the shuttle to the hotel. The car ride didn’t help my motion sickness at all because everyone here drives like a crazy person. It’s like LA but with narrower streets.

We finally made it to the hotel and I just collapsed on the bed for a couple hours. Dad’s original plan was to walk around for a couple hours but I think he saw how dead I was so we just stayed in instead. I woke up later and managed to stay awake until 9:00 pm or so when Dad’s luggage finally arrived.

We watched American movies in French. It was interesting.

Oh, and it is cold here. But not as cold as I feared.

And that pretty much covers my first day in Paris.

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