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Day Four: The Latin Quarter

Day Four: The Latin Quarter
Jan. 3rd 20100

Morning comes slowly in Paris due to the buildings blocking the sun. I'm sure the fact that it is winter also had something to do with it.

This is the view from the balcony of our hotel room.

Bonjour, Timmy!

Today I ate the best ham sandwich I have ever had in my entire life. It had a fried egg on top and was broiled and covered in gruyere. Omfg. My taste buds thought they’d died and gone to heaven. I also had French hot chocolate for the first time and I may be forming an addiction. They serve it to you as a pitcher of steamed milk and a small container of melted chocolate with a few packets of sugar. You then mix it to your preference of chocolate and sweetness.

After that we walked over to Notre Dame where Dad made me cover my head with my scarf to go inside because he’s all Old World like that. Just for the record, I was the only woman with her head covered, though there was a sign outside asking men to take off their hats. At some point when Timmy and I are feeling more fit we will climb up to see the gargoyles.

Impressive, non?

There is also a society of mutes that hang out around Notre Dame trying to get you to read their mission statement and donate money. There are a lot of them so I learned how to say “merci, no” pretty quick. Here are some more pictures of the inside.

Dad lighting a candle

Mary looking pretty good after giving birth without an epidural.


Ok, not really

After Notre Dame we walked over to the Musée de Cluny, which houses the unicorn tapestries and a great deal of medieval things. Part of the museum is built on Roman ruins that are still standing, which kind of makes my internal history major turn into a mass of gaping, awe-filled jelly. I kept wanting to touch everything, but didn’t because I know better. Part of the ruins you could touch, like the walls and the stairs. I may have laid hands on those more than once…

Without further ado, here are some pictures from the Cluny.

Outside courtyard. If I remember right, the Cluny was a Roman villa which was later converted into an abbey and then converted into a museum.

Wall detail of scallop shells

Well in the courtyard

Part of the Roman ruins inside the Cluny

Hey, I found someone with hair longer than mine!

The frigidarium where more artifacts are kept

I found a Cernnunos!

The unicorn tapestries. These are kept in low light to preserve the fabric. Let me also state that they are huuuuuuge and the detail is just astounding. The only way to fully appreciate them is to see them in person.

Medieval fireplace

Armor and weaponry. I know some of it is supposed to go on the horse, but don't ask me where.

Later we walked over to the Conciergerie and saw where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned. It's really spooky when you realize that you're walking through the same place where hundreds of prisoners were kept before they were guillotined.

Fun fact: I was born on the same day Charlotte Corday was executed. Neat, huh?

This is where people would have been led out to the guillotine. Dad looks rather cheerful.

The Hall of the Guards, normally an empty room according to Dad, was filled with all this neat film memorabilia.
I may have watched part of that on youtube.

Have I mentioned what a beautiful space this is?

Film set from Jeanne d'Arc.


I want this dres, plz.

We walked around some more after that and Dad bought me a crepe ^.^ I got nutella and Dad had sucre et canelle (sugar and cinnamon). It is now official btw that crepes > churros.

The ham sandwich I had for breakfast kept me full for lunch so we stopped at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant and picked up some cheap pre packaged sushi for a snack back at the hotel. It actually turned out to be slightly better than what you usually find prepackaged stateside.

After a little nap Dad took me to a nice casual restaurant he's been to many times before. We each had a three course meal. I had steamed mussels in a white wine sauce for starters, roast chicken with green beans and french fries, and an upside down apple tarte for dessert. Dad had a niciose salad, steak (also served with green beans and pommes frites), and profiteroles drenched in chocolate for dessert. I can definitely say that I have yet to eat something I don't like.

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