Friday, December 31, 2010

Day One: LAX to SFX

Day One: LAX to SFX

Dec. 31 2010

12:30 pm

Timmy was disappointed to learn that a first class ticket does not automatically grant entry into United’s Red Carpet Club. I did my best to console him with a cafĂ© mocha from Starbucks.

Meanwhile I have half an hour until my flight boards and I am considering getting a sandwich since Timmy and I were deprived of the snackey poos we were promised at the Red Carpet Club. I’ll probably pass on the off chance they might actually feed me in first class. Either way I’m sure I’ll be pouncing on Dad and demanding sushi as soon as we land.

Thankfully, I had no trouble with TSA in LAX. They didn’t even ask about my medication. Hopefully this trend continues for the rest of the trip. Everybody cross your fingers.

12:51 pm

Aaaaaaaand I just killed ten minutes cleaning up my desktop. I can actually see my background now! Still hungry though.

4:37 pm

Hotel restaurant needs to open nao! I WILL EAT ALL THE THINGS!

Oooo, Twilight Zone marathon…

6:59 pm

Uhhhhg. I ate ALL the things.

9:39 pm

Hotel bed is squishy ^.^

10:11 pm

Commercial for a new blood glucose meter from Medicare comes on TV and the announcer man says, "And the best part is you no longer have to prick your fingers."

ME: Well you have to prick something.

DAD: That's what she said.

12:00 am


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