Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update: It is indeed, "on"

Got to class early this morning in an attempt to avoid traffic due to the rain. A couple students were already there and a few more arrived shortly after. All of us waited outside to avoid another encounter with Dr. Nutter. At 9:50 one of us decided to brave the classroom and see if the desks were still in crop circles or back in their original rows.

Guess which one it was?

Go on, guess.

If you said crop circles, then you were right, and this time they were slightly more askew than before. Oh yeah, now they're fucking with us.

We continued to stand just outside the classroom until Dr. Awesome showed up scarcely a minute later. Dr. Awesome sighed and started to tell us to just sit in the damn circle until we realized that would make it difficult to take notes. So, like the well trained team we are, we quickly put the desks back in order. Seriously, we've gotten really good at that.

Dr. Awesome left, presumably to find whoever the hell was responsible but came back empty handed. While she was gone there was talk of sneaking in early and stacking the desks on top of each other once we found out just who was moving them around. But alas, as of right now we still have no leads.

Oh, and we found out that Dr. Nutter does indeed teach a Humanities course. We also found out that she is a lecturer, not a professor. Which might explain why she got so uppity with us for "ordering her around". I may just stop calling her Dr. Nutter and go with my dad's suggestion of Ms. Headupherass.

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