Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh joy.

Our washing machine is broken. We were hoping that maybe it had just slipped its belt or something, but nope. The repairman confirmed for us this morning that our washer that we've had for 7-10 years now is unquestionably, officially, busted. So guess who's dragging her books and several pounds of laundry to the landromat this weekend? I don't even need to ask, do I?

Actually it's not that bad. Like I said before, it's often easier for me to study when I'm out of the house. So hopefully I can get all my reading done while the laundry's going and then come home and type up my homework when it's all done.

There need to be laundromats made especially for students. With desk lamps and comfortable chairs and access to the internet. If something like that doesn't exist already, it needs to be made. Like, now. I demand a fancy laundromat catering to homeless college students! Make it happen, people!

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