Friday, August 6, 2010

Well that was weird

My cat does not like other cats, but apparently other cats like him.

Oberon is an indoor/outdoor cat in that he usually spends his days lounging in the neighbor's garden and his nights snuggled up on my pillow. I've never seen him make nice with another cat and he'll rarely allow anyone besides me and my mom to touch him. He'll tolerate Patches, the neighbor's cat, being in the same general area so long as they're outside but I've never seen him snuggle up to another cat since he was a wee kitten.

So it was really weird to walk outside and see an orange and white tom cat trying to make friends with Obie, who was having none of it. Though "huddled under the porch table in an indignant and confused ball" would be a more accurate description.

I think the fact that the cat was a tom surprised me more than anything else. How many friendly tom cats do you run into on a regular basis? And for that matter, how many people do you know who own an un-neutered male cat? He must have belonged to somebody because he was super friendly and was kind of shocked when I hissed at him to get him to back away from Obie.

I have no idea where he came from. He seemed like a nice enough chap but I told him that he wasn't getting any food under any circumstances. We just can't take in any more cats, not that Obie would let me if I tried. Hopefully he does belong to someone and is just having a look around the neighborhood and is not the new tom in town searching out his niche. In any case, Oberon is now spread out on my pillow like a black puddle, perfectly content to be the only cat of any importance in the house.


Tristan! said...

my sister's cat is named oberon! what a weird coincidence!

ksaldria said...

I saw that on your blog!

My mom started this tradition long ago of naming cats after Shakespearean characters and Greek philosophers/playwrights. So I continued the tradition when I was ten years old and adopted my Oberon ^.^

You have some mad crafting skills, btw. I totally envy you.