Sunday, August 8, 2010

The semester line up

HIS 330 US Colonial Period
GEO 100 Human Geography
GEO 360 North America
PHI 383 Comparative Religions
POL 361 American Constitutional Law: Civil Rights

Gosh, I can feel the excitement already.

I'm still wary about that last class as it's supposed to be writing intensive. I wanted to take American Political Thought but that class conflicts with GEO 360, which I have to take to satisfy the history major and is only being offered every other fall. I may squeeze in an English class if I decide to drop the poly sci this semester and take the one I want in the Spring. Except that all the English classes are at night.

Why the feck is everything at night this semester?!? GAH!

Oh, and God's stealing my computer for a couple days because the PC she's been using has decided it doesn't want to run Microsoft Office anymore. See you guys in a couple days.

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