Saturday, August 21, 2010

I can has Italian bakery?

So there's this place in San Pedro that's had a coming soon sign outside for like, three years now. And now, finally, they are open. Behold the wonder and the glory that is Amalfitano's Bakery.


And yes, that picture was taken on my bed because I am greedy and locked myself in my room with one of everything so I wouldn't have to share with anyone. Well, except Timmy. I can honestly say that is the best cannoli I have ever eaten. And this is coming from someone who, while undeniably Italian, usually has two bites of a cannoli and then doesn't want any more for the rest of the year. That cannoli was goooood. The cookies were excellent and the cream puff's custard filling was outstanding. My own mother assured me that these delicious baked goods were the most authentic she's ever tasted. Now all that's left is to get my Sicilian father down here to verify. What do you say, Dad?

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