Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gru :D

O hai.

So I got into Oakland today at about 2:30. Dad picked me up and we went to Daphne's for gyros--nom! Then we walked over to the movie theatre and saw Despicable Me. Timmy liked the minions a lot. Gru is freaking adorable :D I want to bundle him up and take him home. Maybe I will crochet a Gru scarf for myself this winter. I can creep around pretending to steal giant monuments ^.^

Seriously though, Despicable Me was a really good film. The story is good, the animation is great (a lot of French people worked on this film, incidentally), and the minions are hilarious. If you get the chance, definitely go see it.

Now I'm back at Dad's place watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons. I never realized before how many drugs Bugs can knock back in the space of one cartoon o.O

Also, Dad found a website where people post pictures of their airline meals and rate the quality of the food. That just sounds like something my dad would do, doesn't it?

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