Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Live from My Bedroom

8:12 pm Both cats are inside and have so far managed not to kill each other. Lights are dimmed and new age music is on. Minor complaints in the form of vocalizations from Oberon.

8:14 pm Pearl is hogging the bed.

8:16 pm About 30 minutes let until blueberry pie is done. Woo!

8:21 pm Obie is a bit chatty but I'm appeasing him with petting. Engaging Doctor Who.

8:32 pm I think I just heard the first fireworks.

8:40 pm I <3 David Tennant.

9:04 pm Just took the blueberry pie out of the oven and put the brownies in. Feline truce is still in effect.

9:09 pm The big booms are starting now. Obie is calm but not pleased. Pearl sleeps on, oblivious.

9:49 pm So far the cats have done a really good job of ignoring each other.

10:18 pm Oh. Nevermind.

10:42 pm I have one cat curled up by my chest and another draped over my legs. I wonder if this is how crazy cat ladies feel.

11:05 pm Ok, Obie has realized that he and Pearl are sharing a bed and he's not happy about it.

11:53 pm Aaaaaaand Pearl has officially left (i.e. been evicted from) the bedroom. After trying to steal Obie's dinner. There's still a few fireworks going off here and there but otherwise it's mostly quiet so she ought to be fine. I doubt she's going outside any time soon. In the mean time I'm going to keep Obie inside as long as possible, though he'll probably insist on going out in a few hours. It ought to be safe by then.

Well, it's about five til midnight and I am officially concluding Catwatch 2010. Hope you all had as much fun as I did. I'm gonna go eat some blueberry pie!

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