Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I would give for a cookie and a shower...

Yup, still reading. There were more books in the series than I thought. Well, not really. I knew all this other stuff was supposed to happen before I picked up the latest book, but I couldn't remember the titles of the ones I was missing. Looked at the inside cover and sure enough there were the two I'd forgotten about. So I just started re-reading one book, I've got two more after that, and then I'll be able to start the newest book that I have yet to touch. Yup. Reading is good. I'm knocking out about one a day so at this pace I should be up to date with the series by the end of the week. Depending on how much help God needs packing up her classroom for the summer.

Not much else happening around here. Right now I'm waiting for everyone to go to sleep so I can take a shower in silence. Don't ask me why they're watching loud movies at five til' midnight. I don't know either.

I'm also getting random cookie cravings. Anyone wanna come over and bake me some cookies? Rob will lick the bowl so you don't have to worry about cleanup! Or better yet, how bout we go out for pizookies? I think I'll skip the orange cream soda this time. God damn, that was a lot of sugar in one sitting.

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