Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is why it pays to have friends who are animation geeks

A couple days ago I posted a photo I took of a drawing I found of Pluto being bandaged up by Minnie Mouse. As I'm sure you all remember, I found it oddly disturbing at the time and couldn't figure out why Minnie appeared to be so cheerful about something that was obviously causing Pluto a lot of discomfort. Well, that's why I have Skeeve.

My friend Skeeve, Wolfidy here on Blogger, pointed out that the drawing was actually a reference to a Disney cartoon called "First-Aiders" made in 1944. She even provided a link to the cartoon on youtube. After watching it again I can actually say that I vaguely remember the damn thing! So here's the cartoon in all it's classic technicolor glory for all to see.

I always felt kinda bad for Figaro. It's because of him we have the rumor that Walt Disney hated cats.

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