Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obie finally ate something!

So I know that's not exactly newsworthy to most people, but my cat's been driving me crazy for the past few weeks refusing just about everything I put in front of him. I picked up some glucosamine treats a few days ago for his little kitty joints and he scarfed those down right quick, so I knew he wasn't sick or anything, just being an entitled pain in the ass. You know, like most cats.

I wasn't too worried about him getting food because I know for a fact that he hunts his own game. The old boy is 13 years old and an experienced hunter. In fact, he was yowling his head off just yesterday because he needed to show off the mousie he caught as he was eating it :P He's brought home birds, mice, rats--big rats, and...scary looking...rodent....things that I'm really not sure what they were. In any case, he wasn't acting sickly, just stubborn. So I was more annoyed than worried.

Then finally tonight he ate the entire can of shredded food that I put down for him. Now hopefully he'll sleep through the night and won't wake me up and 2:00 am because he's feeling peckish and needs to go out and kill himself some breakfast. Crotchety old man...

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