Friday, June 4, 2010

Disney binge!

Ok, so remember these guys?

A little over two years ago these guys got married and moved to Canada. Well, Eden moved to Canada. I suppose Scott just went home. Two years and a whole bunch of paperwork later, Eden finally received her permanent residency card--yay! So to celebrate the first step in Eden's quest to become a Canadian citizen, she and Scott decided to take a month long vacation to California. Honestly, I think the two of them were suffering from Disney withdrawl. The reason Scott and Eden waited so long to come visit was that Eden literally couldn't leave the country unless she wanted to forfeit the whole permanent residency thing. Now that Eden has what is essentially her green card she's allowed to leave Canada and visit whenever she wants--yay!

The only unfortunate thing about their visit, or "not yay" to use the technical term, was that they arrived the week before my finals. This of course meant that I had limited time with them for two of the three weeks they were here. But oddly enough it all sort of seemed to work out. Scott and Eden spent the first week and a half more or less visiting family and hanging out with Denise and Pat. In between my finals and studying we'd go grab ice cream or coffee and hang out for maybe one or two hours. By the time my finals were finally over Scott and Eden had fulfilled their familial obligations and were prepared to kidnap me for the duration of their vacation.

After my last final on Wednesday, I needed some relief. Badly. So obviously the first thing we did was go to Disneyland. My final was over at 10:00 am and Scott and Eden picked me up from my house around 11:00. After a quick stop at Robeks for a revitalizing smoothie, we were on our way.

Once there we puttered around Main Street for a bit. Scott insisted that I go see Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln, which I had never seen, so I did. Now let's get one thing straight. I have a great amount of respect for Mr. Lincoln. He was unpopular in many political circles and served as president during a very troubling time in American history. His writings and speeches were always short and to the point but never lacking in eloquence. All in all, he was a very thoughtful man who did his best to hold the nation together through four years of civil war.

That being said, it was all I could do to keep from shouting "BANG!" just as the curtain closed. I think my brain was trying to decide between that and "Mr. Lincoln! Look out behiiiind youuuu!" In hindsight, it's probably a good thing that I was too busy controlling my laughter to say anything. My ass would have been banned from Disneyland so fast...

After surviving that wicked temptation we poked around the art gallery and Timmy was delighted to find Disneyland models that were just his size! Well, almost.

R2, light speed to Endor!

Does this thing come with a swimming pool?

Then we had lunch at the new Chinese restaurant over at California Adventure and it was awesomesauce. Scott told me that the entire Disneyland resort had recently hired a new head chef, at least according to some Food Network special he happened to catch, and believe me it shows. The quality of the food has improved all over the park and they've even introduced new goodies like the Matterhorn Macaroon *drool*.

We went on Grizzly Bear Rapids and miraculously didn't get soaked, though Scott swears it was by his sheer force of will. You can steer the raft to some degree if you know what you're doing and have the cooperation of the person sitting next to you. Scott's hat flew off during the ride and I managed to grab it before it went into the water, so Scott thanked me by not maneuvering me head first down the waterfall. As a result, I got wet but not drenched, Scott got splashed, and Eden got freaking soaked. At least the sun was still up.

Before we left California Adventure I made sure Scott and Eden went on the new Toy Story ride. My score on that one is improving! :D

After that we skipped around Disneyland for the rest of the evening. They closed early that night (I think 9 o'clock) so afterwards we went to Carrows for dinner. Scott and Eden dropped me off back home sometime around midnight and what followed the next day...and the next day...and the next day was the greatest Disney binge ever recorded by man.

But I'll save that story for tomorrow.

Oh, and in case any of you were wondering what my final grades were this semester...straight A's, bitches! WOO!


Scott said...

I only got to visit disney land 9 times that trip. *sniff* Need more dinney land!

ksaldria said...

How many times out that nine did I go with you guys? Three? Four? I can't remember anymore, it's all a blur o.o