Sunday, June 6, 2010

Disney binge! Part 2

Dude, I wish I could recall specific events from the next few days but everything is just a blur of awesome.

The last week I spent with Scott and Eden was probably the closest thing I have had to summer vacation in years. At least, it's definitely the closest thing I'm going to get to summer vacation this year. The next few days ended in me going to bed around one in the morning, waking up around 10:00 am, and getting a call from Scott and Eden.

"Hey, we're going to Disneyland. You in?"

"Right on."

Roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, smear on some sunscreen, grab my sunglasses and about an hour later Scott and Eden were there with a Robeks smoothie waiting for me to take the edge off the Disneyland hangover from the night before. *sniff* I love you guys.

I also love Robeks. God damn, I love Robeks.

The rest of the day and evening was spent roaming around Disneyland doing random things and being generally silly.

We went to the Frontierland petting zoo and saw the baby goats! I think these two were trying to infiltrate the pen where Disneyland keeps "The Happiest Turkeys on Earth". More on that in a minute.


Please ignore the weird discoloration in the bottom part of the next photo. That's a blog post for another day.

This baby goat looked like a cow!

So you know how the president pardons a turkey every year for Thanksgiving? Ever wonder what happens to those turkeys? No? Well I'll tell you anyway. They go to Disneyland. Where they eat themselves to death. At least that's what the lady who worked there told us. Scott asked a castmember about the turkeys since we were all kind of wondering just how many there were if the president pardoned a new one every year. Do they rotate the turkeys on display? Do the turkeys stay at Disneyland for a year and then go live on a farm somewhere when the next presidential turkey comes in? Apparently Disneyland doesn't really have to worry about such things because the stupid birds usually eat themselves to death within a year or two of their arrival. least they die happy?

I do remember that on one of our many trips to Disneyland over the next few days Eden scraped her knee getting off the Thunder Mountain ride. So we went over to first aid so Eden could get a band-aid and some disinfectant. Scott and I waited in the waiting room while Eden went in the back with one of the nurses and filled out an incident report. Yes, the nurses are required to fill out an incident report with you. Disneyland is thorough. I remember this one time (I think it may have been the first time Scott visited) I got a splinter from running my hand over the railing on the Snow White bridge and we went to first aid so I could get a pair of tweezers to pry it out. The nice nurse gave me a pair of disposable metal tweezers and some disinfectant and asked me for my name, address, phone number, and where the accident took place as I poked around with the tweezers and managed to extricate the offending splinter from my hand. First aid will also give you ibuprofen and aspirin if you ask. All you have to do is sign for it. Disneyland is awesome.

Anyway, as Scott and I waited while Eden tended to her knee we noticed this, uh...disturbing picture hanging above our heads.

Does anyone want to tell me why Pluto is being crucified? Anyone? And for that matter, why does Minnie look so happy about it???

Let's see...what else did we do that wasn't quite so disturbing? Oh, we stared at one of Disneyland's prominent new phallic symbols.

Ok, maybe not less disturbing. But the interesting thing about this phallic symbol is that it's also a yonic symbol! Note the flower at the base of the fountain.

We also learned that the new Pixar movie Toy Story 3 has a hedgehog! Timmy was very excited so now of course we have to see it as soon as it comes out.

He even has lederhosen! Lederhosen!

As delightfully surprised as we were to discover Mr. Pricklepants, he was not the biggest surprise of our week long Disney spree. Oh no. That honor, my friends, is reserved for the tram. Which now has doors. Probably in response to this incident I blogged about back in May of 2009:

God, that looks weird.

Next time: Tortugas, Pixies, and Captain EO

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Wolfidy said...

The creepy Minnie Mouse sign is a reference to this cartoon:
(And after watching it again, I've decided Figaro can be in the Ass Cat club with Ichigo.)