Saturday, March 6, 2010


Are the major reason why I haven't posted in almost a month.

I had a picture of said books all ready to go, but my camera is having serious issues. I think it's been possessed ever since I took it to that cemetery in Victoria, B.C. Oh well, it's still less than a year since I bought it so I guess we're going back to Best Buy sometime this weekend or next. I'm kinda tired of having a possessed camera anyway. I even bought tech support for it, but I can't find the document that says I did :/ I do have the receipt though, so I'm hoping they can look it up based on the receipt number or my name or the serial number or something. They can do that, right? Right?

Anyway, Denise and I are going to Disneyland today (in the rain!) for a little decompression. Well, I am anyway. Denise is going because she got a free ticket for volunteering. Yes, that's right! You too can get in free! Take advantage of this offer while you can, it's probably the only time you'll be materially rewarded for doing a good deed:

The other announcement I have to make is that Evan and I are totally going on a road trip. As the illustrious Bill and Ted would say, "Excellent!" It's only a weekend trip but trust me, it's gonna be craaaazy. Evan and I have assembled various tunes, energy drinks, and snacks. We are gonna rock this road trip like it's 1986.

Here's my playlist in case you'd like to shake your head at my weird taste in music.

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Songs that are missing because I couldn't find them on but are definitely on my iTunes playlist:

Ticket To Ride--The Beatles
An Awful Lot of Running--Chameleon Circuit
Gallifreyan History 101--Chameleon Circuit
Type 40--Chameleon Circuit
Blink--Chameleon Circuit
Conventional Lover--Speck
Ricky--Weird Al Yankovic
Weila Waile--Young Dubliners

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