Monday, February 15, 2010

Update on Helga

Helga is home from the vet's and doing well. She went in Wednesday afternoon after some food issues that seemed to have been going on for the past couple weeks. She started vomiting Wednesday morning and I began to panic just a little bit when she began vomiting blood.

So I bundled Helga into the backseat of my car, it's not easy to bundle a rottweiler let me tell you, and drove her up to the vet's office before Mom got out of school. Poor Helga was in no hurry to move. I managed to coax her out the front door and into the car and then into the vet's office without a problem...until they wanted to weigh her. I got her up onto the scale and by that time Helga decided that she was done. She laid down right where she was, half off and half on the scale, and didn't move until the vet called us in.

In case you were wondering, Helga now weighs a svelte 144lbs, down about 20lbs from her peak of 165 a couple years ago.

So the vet took x-rays and blood to check for a variety of things while I waited for Mom to make her way to the vet's office. God came in just when they were getting done with the x-rays and we went in to take a look. There were no obstructions or obvious signs of cancer but the vet noticed that Helga's uterus looked a little swollen and Mom asked if Helga might have pyometra (warning: slightly graphic photo not for the medically squeamish).

Mom brought it up because Star, Helga's mother, had the exact same thing some years ago. The vet showed it to her colleagues who all seemed to confirm that it was in fact pyometra. So Helga went in for surgery the next day for an emergency spay and did indeed have an infected uterus. So they removed that, checked again for any signs of cancer (there were none), and stapled her back together.

Helga stayed over a couple nights afterward to make sure she was healing ok. She continued to drink water but wouldn't eat for anyone, including me, until we brought her home yesterday. The vet supposed that her stomach problems were most likely an ulcer or gastritis, possibly brought on by the aspirin Mom was giving her for pain.

So right now Helga is home and healing. She's eating fairly normally and is on pain pills for he incision and G.I. meds for her insides. The hardest thing right now is keeping her and Rob separate so he can't jump all over her.

And now back to your regularly scheduled randomness.

Tonight's figure skating pairs:

1st couple from China to skate-- Absolutely freaking beautiful. I hope you guys win.

1st couple from U.S.-- Eh.

2nd couple from U.S.-- Better than the first.

German couple-- Just because the song you're skating to is called Send In The Clowns, does not mean that there are actually clowns in it. Next time, save the pagliacci costumes.


Quizmo said...

Howdy.. I haven't been around for a while, sorry (not your fault). So glad Helga's doing well.

(Was she the one who sucked on my knee when we came to pick up Pearl?)

It may have been Odin or Starr, but, yes folks, trying to stay calm when a Rottie that's bigger than you decides to politely suck on your knee in an " I'm watching you" sort of way is a little disarming. Talk about putting your "fear factor" aside.

Cheers! Love to you and God.

ksaldria said...

Hey Quizmo,

I haven't been around for a while either. Been getting back into the swing of things at school.

I'm not sure which dog it was. That was about four years ago so it could have been Helga or Star. Star drooled more and Helga was a lot more hyper then than she is now. In any case, I'm sure you tasted good :)