Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flashback in 3...2...1

Does anyone else remember Dave the Barbarian? It was one of those short lived treasures with some creative writing and great voice acting that mysteriously got cancelled after one season. Much like Freakazoid. Speaking of Freakazoid, did you know that Dave the Barbarian had several of the same voice actors? Paul Rugg, Tress MacNeille, Jeff Bennett, and Frank Welker all had roles on Freakazoid. They even got Rob Paulsen, who also worked on Animaniacs with Tress MacNeille, to voice one of the minor villains on Dave the Barbarian. Weird, huh?

But one of my favorite characters out of the entire series has to be Twinkle the Marvel Horse. Why? Take a look.

Why can't we have more quality programming like this? Why, I ask you?

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