Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh yeah, I've been watching waaaaay too much MST3K

You know how I can tell? We were watching Luther, a film about--who else?--Martin Luther, in history class today. I actually recommend this film to everyone out there. It's got Joseph Fiennes in it, who is a very intense actor, and the writing is excellent. The dialogue is just great and the actor who plays the little old German prince? OMG, cutest little old man ever. It's like if someone's beloved old grandfather was running part of Saxony, that's how adorable this guy is. But I digress.

We got to the part in the film where one of the cardinals has basically implied that it wouldn't be utterly unfortunate if something were to "happen" to Luther on his way back to Wittenburg. So Luther and one of his monk friends are on their way back home when suddenly the imperial guards that are escorting them decide to up and leave. There's Luther and Expendable Monk #2 sitting in the wagon all by themselves with only one horse, it's night time, everything is dark and eerie, and they find themselves suddenly abandoned by the people who are supposed to be protecting them.

In a very nervous voice, Expendable Monk #2 says: Why have they left us?

And I came this close. *holds up two fingers* This close to crying out in my best Admiral Ackbar voice, "IT'S A TRAAAAAAP!"

I have the self control of a freaking saint, I tell you.

Side note: A link for any old people who may not know/remember who Admiral Ackbar is.

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