Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's All Saint's Day, or the beginning of Dia de los Muertos if you prefer, and I'll give you three guesses where I'm going today.


Getting warmer...

There you go.

I need to go hunting for a new jacket. I lost the Pirates of the Caribbean hoodie that I've had for about five years now at school. Stupid school. It was slowly on its was out and beginning to get a couple holes around the cuffs, but it still makes me sad :( Hopefully I will find a new awesome jacket while I am there. Everybody send me new jacket karma!

Halloween was ok. We started with about 8 lbs of candy around 6:30 and ran out by 8:20. In the past I would give extra pieces to kids with really cool or homemade costumes (ex: Jack Skellington, Mario & Luigi, any historical figure, etc.) but given the overwhelming number of kids we've had for the past couple years I stuck very strictly to a one piece per person policy (say that three times fast). One little bastard, probably ten or older, had the gall to ask me for two. Another just looked at me expectantly until it became clear that he wasn't getting any more. And don't get me started on the sheer number of parents bringing their babies up in strollers. At 8:30 God put up a sign on the front gate that said: "We have given out over 1,000 pieces of candy and there is no more. --The Candy Goblin." We turned off the porch light and closed the gate and after that no one else came up to the door.

I did carve a pretty cool looking greenman into one of the pumpkins, but I'll upload that picture later. Disneyland awaits!

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