Monday, November 16, 2009


I finally managed to finish my overdue history essay. For whatever reason I had a really hard time just motivating myself to get the damn thing done. Even though I had an outline and notes and underlined quotations all ready to go. Thankfully it's done now and I can stop beating myself over the head about it. Whatever grade I get, hopefully my upcoming Frankenstein essay will be a lot better. I've read the book enough times by now :P

I have one more overdue paper to finish and then I'm caught up. It's a paper I really don't want to write for a professor I'm starting to hate but I'm going to sit down and finish the thing if it kills me. This means chaining myself to a table at Sacred Grounds or someplace else with equally strong coffee. I tend to get more work done when I'm not at home, but studying somewhere else usually costs money. Unless it's a library. But for some reason libraries are too quiet for me and I don't work as well in them as I do in coffee shops or bookstores. I guess I need just the right amount of background noise without anything too distracting in order to be productive. Or something. I don't even know if said professor will accept the paper considering how late it is, so I'm planning on asking for an extra credit assignment anyway. Still waiting to hear how I did on that stupid midterm.

Speaking of midterms, tomorrow I have to go to one professor's office to make one up that I missed. It's two long essay answers and I have a list of the possible questions she could ask, so it's just making an outline for each one so I remember what to write and I should be good. Of course, I also have a test tomorrow on late 19th century manners from a book I still haven't finished reading.

Did I mention that I got three hours of sleep last night?

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