Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alaska: Day Two and Three

Day 2

I was ill for most of Day 2 so Timmy explored the ship without me.

And helped himself to the dessert buffet

...and the wine bar.

Day 3

Oh my God, land! Sweet, blessed land!

Oh look, a house.

First glimpse of Juneau.

Timmy takes a look from the aft of the ship.

Our steamboat captain. Admit it, you're humming the tune to Steamboat Willie too.

Harbor Seals!

Salmon porn. Bom-chicka-wah-wah.

What happens after salmon sex. Eww.

This is the closest we came to seeing any actual bears. I love that this sign expressly tells you to yield the right of way to any bears on the path. Like you and the bear are going to sit there arguing about who got to the intersection first.

Mendenhall Glacier was cold! Note wrist warmers underneath Timmy.

Cold but pretty. Really pretty.

Dad takes a picture from the shelter of his massive poncho.

Timmy of the North! This is an actual piece of the glacier that was floating around the lake earlier that morning. The park rangers pulled it out of the water so everyone could touch and take pictures.

A waterfall next to the glacier. Apparently Alaska has lots of these. Waterfalls, I mean.

One more shot of the glacier. Look, blue ice!

The visitors center at Mendenhall Glacier. Dad said he wouldn't mind having a house up there.

Mr. Cardboard Cutout Man says "You must show your traveling papers wristband to enter zee Visitors Center!" Luckily, this rule does not apply to hedgehogs.

Timmy poses with a goat skin. Manufactured from real goat!

Oh look, a diorama of fishy porn.

"Salmon Investigate New Opportunities...Not all of them work out"
I couldn't have put it better myself.

Timmy traverses the model glacier. Watch out for yetis!

Rawr! Timmy, the hunter!

Archipelago Wolf. Otherwise known as Wolfie on Ice.

Glacier Bear kinda looks like prehistoric giant tree sloth.

Bearskin donated by Sarah Palin.

The streets of Juneau.

Alaska has lots of jewelry shops.

More waterfalls in the background.

And this was all that was left of our crab lunch. Omnomnom!

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Quizmo said...

Fun stuff.. thanks for the "look-see!" I'm sure glad at least Timmy had a terrific time. ;-)