Friday, September 4, 2009

Alaska: Day One

So as you've probably guessed, we did in fact make it to Alaska. Unfortunately, I was unable to post directly from the boat because the internet they provided was outrageously expensive :( About two days in Dad said we could go ahead and buy some internet cause he knew I'd been looking forward to making daily podcasts. But then I put off posting because I was tired...and also seasick. So it wasn't really worth it to pay 60+ dollars for the brief use of the interwebz at the end of the cruise.

I did, however continue to record (most) of our alaska adventures as they happened and will start putting those up, along with pictures--yay!, this weekend.

So without any further ado, I give you Alaska: Day One!

The hotel Dad and I stayed at the night before had a make your own waffle station! The batter was way too chewy, unfortunately :/

We got to Seattle kinda late but luckily some cruise people were waiting at the airport to shuffle us onto a shuttle bus and take us the the boat. Apparently, gambling on buses in WA is verboten (see far right).

Bye bye, Seattle!

For some reason string quartets on boats make me kinda nervous...

The atrium...lobby...thingy.

Timmy enjoys espresso creme brule.

White chocolate mousse. Omnomnom.

Hello, coast guard.

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