Saturday, September 12, 2009

Timmy's Travels

I know you're all expecting another Alaska post by now, but we're going to take a short break from that because Timmy and I have friends visiting that we haven't seen in a long time. Jerome finished his six months in Iraq and is now on leave. So he and Skeeve came down to visit family and friends. And Timmy of course. Yesterday (Friday) they didn't have any family obligations so the three of us went out to Long Beach.

First we went to Shoreline Village to get this thing called a Monkey Mocha that Skeeve's been jonesing for. It's some combination of coffee and chocolate and bananas. Don't ask. But I guess we forgot or we'd already had enough coffee so we kind of got ice cream instead. We went to this little ice cream shop that makes GIANT ice cream sandwiches. You pick the kind of cookie and ice cream you want and they smush it all together. We sat down to eat our ice cream and listened to some weird seagulls make meowing noises. It was good. The ice cream, I mean, not the seagulls.

After that we went to look in the hat shop. Because you can't go to Shoreline Village and not look in the hat shop. Jerome's really been wanting this high quality Indiana Jones hat made with rabbit fur so it's highly weather resistant. When you're living in Seattle you kind of need a hat you can wear in the rain. Jerome just went to try it on and sigh cause Skeeve had decided they couldn't afford it. Then the lady told them it was on sale so Skeeve decided to buy it for him and say "Happy Birthday!" Jerome was really, really happy for the rest of the day.

We decided we were done at Shoreline Village and went to see if there was anything to do at the Pike. We thought about seeing a movie but we missed the last show time and it was only playing again at 7:30 and 9:55. So we thought we'd try and catch the 7:30 but that left us with something like two hours with nothing to do.

About that time Skeeve had to use the bathroom so we went into Borders and looked around for about an hour. I found some books I wanted to get but didn't because I have an entire stack of brand new books that I have yet to read. Later we wandered around the literature section and found this:

Timmy was pleased.

We ran out of things to look at in the bookstore and started thinking about where else we could go. I mentioned that there was an Irish pub nearby called The Auld Dubliner that I'd always wanted to go in but was either too young to do so or put it off for another time. Well, Jerome decided we were going in, so in we went.

At first we were just going to get some cocktails, then Skeeve and I looked at the menu and were all, "Mmmmm, crabcakes". So the waitress came to take our order and we asked for three Nutty Irishmen (whiskey, bailey's, and frangelico over ice), an order of crabcakes for me and Skeeve to split, and an Irish Quesadilla for Jerome. The lady came back with our drinks and the first thing we noticed was that they were in pint glasses. I think internally we all went Heeeyyy...those don't look like cocktails. But since the three of us don't have a lot of bar experience and, hey, maybe they like putting cocktails in pint glasses, we sorta let it go for the moment. Then of course we all took a sip and went, "Hey, this is Guinness!"

Jerome flagged down another waitress and let her know that ours had brought us the wrong drinks. Skeeve didn't care, she said she'd keep her Guinness. But eventually our lady came back with the right drinks and apologized, saying if there's one thing on her mind, it's Guinness. I probably would too if I worked in a pub. She didn't take the pints away so we asked her if she wanted them back. She said we could drink them if we wanted since she was just going to pour them down the drain anyway. Sweet!

I think Timmy agreed.
(FYI: It was really dark in the pub and I didn't want to use the flash to draw attention to ourselves, so I had to mess with the exposure on my computer. That's why the photo might look a little foggy. But at least you can see Timmy)

The best part of this little story is that as the three of us were sitting there waiting for our food and proper drinks to arrive, the mascot from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. walked past the window for no apparent reason. The three of us stared after it and then simultaneously looked into our pint glasses in a gesture of we didn't drink that much, did we? Hilarious, I tell you.

The food was also very good. The crabcakes were on par with the ones Skeeve and I had in Oregon and Jerome's quesadilla was pretty good too. We will definitely have to come back there for dinner sometime. Maybe we'll be able to go again before they leave. And Timmy will come too!

Needless to say, we were having way too much fun in the pub and wound up missing the 7:30 showing. But this turned out to be a good thing and we were able to finish our drinks and grab dinner from California Pizza Kitchen before the 9:55 movie without rushing ourselves. All in all it was a good night out and probably the most fun I've had in a while.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alaska: Day Two and Three

Day 2

I was ill for most of Day 2 so Timmy explored the ship without me.

And helped himself to the dessert buffet

...and the wine bar.

Day 3

Oh my God, land! Sweet, blessed land!

Oh look, a house.

First glimpse of Juneau.

Timmy takes a look from the aft of the ship.

Our steamboat captain. Admit it, you're humming the tune to Steamboat Willie too.

Harbor Seals!

Salmon porn. Bom-chicka-wah-wah.

What happens after salmon sex. Eww.

This is the closest we came to seeing any actual bears. I love that this sign expressly tells you to yield the right of way to any bears on the path. Like you and the bear are going to sit there arguing about who got to the intersection first.

Mendenhall Glacier was cold! Note wrist warmers underneath Timmy.

Cold but pretty. Really pretty.

Dad takes a picture from the shelter of his massive poncho.

Timmy of the North! This is an actual piece of the glacier that was floating around the lake earlier that morning. The park rangers pulled it out of the water so everyone could touch and take pictures.

A waterfall next to the glacier. Apparently Alaska has lots of these. Waterfalls, I mean.

One more shot of the glacier. Look, blue ice!

The visitors center at Mendenhall Glacier. Dad said he wouldn't mind having a house up there.

Mr. Cardboard Cutout Man says "You must show your traveling papers wristband to enter zee Visitors Center!" Luckily, this rule does not apply to hedgehogs.

Timmy poses with a goat skin. Manufactured from real goat!

Oh look, a diorama of fishy porn.

"Salmon Investigate New Opportunities...Not all of them work out"
I couldn't have put it better myself.

Timmy traverses the model glacier. Watch out for yetis!

Rawr! Timmy, the hunter!

Archipelago Wolf. Otherwise known as Wolfie on Ice.

Glacier Bear kinda looks like prehistoric giant tree sloth.

Bearskin donated by Sarah Palin.

The streets of Juneau.

Alaska has lots of jewelry shops.

More waterfalls in the background.

And this was all that was left of our crab lunch. Omnomnom!

Oh Bats Day, I miss you so...

Maybe it's because Halloween is next month, but I find myself yearning for Bats Day. Last year with the kids was so much fun and I'm thinking up new clothing ideas. Like shortening the skirt I wore last year and making it a little poofy and perhaps adding a bustle. Or even just making one of those pointy tutus for myself that I've been making for everyone else.

Bats Day used to be in August. And then in November. Now it's in May, which means I have to wait almost nine months for it to come round again. Pie on that.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Alaska: Day One

So as you've probably guessed, we did in fact make it to Alaska. Unfortunately, I was unable to post directly from the boat because the internet they provided was outrageously expensive :( About two days in Dad said we could go ahead and buy some internet cause he knew I'd been looking forward to making daily podcasts. But then I put off posting because I was tired...and also seasick. So it wasn't really worth it to pay 60+ dollars for the brief use of the interwebz at the end of the cruise.

I did, however continue to record (most) of our alaska adventures as they happened and will start putting those up, along with pictures--yay!, this weekend.

So without any further ado, I give you Alaska: Day One!

The hotel Dad and I stayed at the night before had a make your own waffle station! The batter was way too chewy, unfortunately :/

We got to Seattle kinda late but luckily some cruise people were waiting at the airport to shuffle us onto a shuttle bus and take us the the boat. Apparently, gambling on buses in WA is verboten (see far right).

Bye bye, Seattle!

For some reason string quartets on boats make me kinda nervous...

The atrium...lobby...thingy.

Timmy enjoys espresso creme brule.

White chocolate mousse. Omnomnom.

Hello, coast guard.