Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shakespeare by the Sea

This is what I mean by lack of costume continuity. But still an excellent performance.

Why if it isn't Robin Hood Duke Senior and his Merry Men vassals.

Being an outlaw is fun!

This is Touchstone the fool courting Audrey (or was is Phebe?), a shepherdess. I want that goat puppet so bad.

One of the best things about Shakespeare by the Sea? The eye candy :D

This picture explains why Orlando reminds me of Mr. Sulu. I blame the costume.

I forgot to mention, we went to the very last performance of the summer and afterward they turned off the lights and had this candlelight farewell while singing Good Riddance by Greenday, the most overplayed song of every high school graduation. Nice as it was, it felt a little out of place and over the top. Calm down guys, it's not like anyone died.

P.S. If you enjoyed the intro music for this podcast, why not check out the entire song? Artfully done with scenes from Gone With The Wind. I've already shown this to a lot of people, but I still think it's really well edited.

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