Friday, August 21, 2009

Alaska: Prologue

I barely made my flight this afternoon. Partly because I got a terrible pedicure at the nail salon :P Everything else was fine aside from the actual paint job. The lady took forever and plastered on layer after layer of polish. As a result, my toes were not dry when they should have been and I messed them up badly. I'm not terribly impressed with the manicure either. But it's a pale color so you can't really tell. Plus, I'll be getting a spa manicure to make up for it in a couple of days :D But I'm going to see if I can get a polish change for my toes at the salon as soon as I get on the boat.

So anyway, girlyness aside, I managed to check in, make it through security, and board the plane before it took off. Thank goodness for small airports. I even managed to get a package of chocolate covered pretzels to take on the plane because I hadn't eaten anything yet. Unfortunately, once we got into the air we ran into some nasty turbulence. I can handle a little rumbling every now and then but up and down? Not so much fun. And as I was reading at the time, I became violently nauseous for the rest of the flight. I came very close to throwing up and only the complementary Sprite kept me from spewing all over my personal backseat television.

Finally we landed and I took a breather in the bathroom the minute I got off the plane. I got my luggage from the baggage claim and sat down on one of the benches for a little while just to sit still and convince myself that I wasn't gonna die.

Then Dad called so I stepped outside and met him on the sidewalk next to the terminal. I was slowly starting to feel better by then and we went to the hotel to drop off my bag and hang up my wrinkle prone dresses. Then I gave Dad a bunch of pictures and old music that he wrote for him to look through. He laughed at a lot of it, but saved some things to look at later.

After that Dad took me to see the new house that he and his roommates are moving into. It's very, very 50's, but it's roomy and the view is amazing. See?

Dad has christened that lump on the left Mastectomy Hill

My camera doesn't have a panoramic option :P

We picked out some movies to take with us and left to go get some dinner. I ate the rest of my chocolate covered pretzels in the car when my appetite came back. We didn't get to Isobune but Dad took me to this other really good sushi place not too far from his house. The sushi was reeeeeally good. I had something called a Lion King roll with crab meat, and baked salmon. We also shared a spider roll and this amazing spicy tuna roll. It was awesome. We sat at the bar, but the guy who brought us tea and miso was also made of awesome. He was super happy and energetic. Every time we said thank you it was, "Hai!" We had green tea ice cream for dessert. Everything was delicious.

After dinner we came back to the hotel. We're not staying at Dad's new house because the plumbing is being fixed and Dad doesn't want to get on the plane without taking a shower. But we're staying at the Hilton Gardens, which has comfy beds and good breakfast. They also have complementary cookies. Omnomnom.

Our flight leaves at 9:40 tomorrow and Dad wants to be there by 7:30. Which means I'm getting up at 6:00 am. In the words of Yakko Warner, "Goodnight Everybody!"

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