Monday, July 27, 2009

O hai!

First of all, allow me to apologize for the lack of updates. My room is a mess and it's been virtually impossible for me to write anything much less think coherently. Don't believe me? Look at this.

And that's only one corner *shudder* I've been trying to get it organized and put some things in storage but it's been difficult deciding what goes and what stays. Especially since it's hard for me to part with my books, even the ones I don't read very often. I'm not getting ride of them, but putting them in boxes and carting them off to the storage unit four blocks away means they wont be easily accessible :( One day I'm going to move into a house big enough to devote an entire room just for my books.

But I guess in the meantime I'll start where I left off. A little over two weeks ago was my 23rd birthday. I had planned to do something with Evan and Kyra. We didn't know what yet, just something. Kyra decided she didn't want to go to Disneyland so we went to The Vintage Tea Leaf in Long Beach. I think I've mentioned The Vintage Tea Leaf before in this blog. It's absolutely delicious and one of my favorite places to be. But then again I am kind of a tea junkie. I'd wanted to take Kyra for the longest time and even though Evan isn't much of a tea kind of guy I figured he'd at least enjoy the sandwiches.

Turns out Evan didn't like any of the sandwiches they had :( But he was happy just to order dessert. Kyra and I had the full tea service and enjoyed scones, soup, salad, samiches, and cake :D For dessert we had a choice between a vanilla bundt cake or a blueberry crumble. Evan and Kyra had bundt cake and I had the crumble. It was sooooo good but after scones, soup, and sandwiches I just couldn't finish it. Of course the fact that Mom had made me pancakes for my birthday breakfast didn't help much. I let Timmy finish my blueberry crumble. God only knows where he puts it all.

One of the many great things about The Vintage Tea Leaf is that they have a huge collection of teacups, all bone china, that you can use for your tea. Kyra had a really hard time deciding which one to choose (I know what that's like!) but finally settled on a pink one with flowers. I chose a cream colored cup with gold accents (pictured with Timmy above) and Evan managed to find the manliest teacup they had. It was white with a coat of arms surrounded by blue tartan. Close up below.

Aye, that's a man's teacup, that is. I think I'll go put on my kilt and throw some tree trunks around because I'm manly!

After tea we spent a fair bit of time exploring the gift shop and I showed Kyra all the sparkly things ^.^ Evan was hungry, having only enjoyed dessert, so we drive back into town so he could get some In N Out. The boy managed to put away a 3x3, fries, and a Sprite. God damn. A 3x3 in case you are wondering, is a cheese burger with three patties on a single bun. I've never been brave enough to try anything on the secret menu aside from animal fries, which are sinfully delicious and probably full of fat but also very, very, tasty.

So after Evan finished his lunch we went to the movie theatre at the Del Amo mall to see Up. I love that movie. After that we walked over to Barnes and Noble to get us some books! Evan got a Pearls Before Swine collection and some book with a shiny cover that I forget the name of. I got a couple young adult novels. Artemis Fowl, FTW! I also showed Kyra where to find Kim Harrison and now I've got her reading the Rachel Morgan books (or The Hollows series, whichever you prefer). She started reading Dead Witch Walking immediately. And she likes it! YES! *punches arm in the air* So glad I got her into vampires that don't fricking sparkle.

We tried to decide if we wanted to eat out for dinner or go back to Mimi and Poppy's. It was starting to get late so I wasn't sure what would be open. I told the kids there were probably some Chinese buffets still open and they expressed an interest in that. It's a good thing I insisted that we call Mimi and Poppy and check first. Mimi told us she was already making pasta so we'd better come home or else. I'm glad we did cause pasta was tasty. After dinner I stayed and hung out with the kids until Mimi and Poppy went to bed and I had to go home.

When I came home I got to enjoy my birthday loot from Skeeve! :D She got me cake, actual cake, for my birthday! It was from this company called Cupcakes in Jars and it was delicious. Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and fudge on top. I ate it all! Skeeve also gave me some yummy bath goodies, a cute T-shirt, Hank Green's album So Jokes, and Chameleon Circuit's CD of the same name full of Time Lord Rock! Woot!

In short, my birthday was awesome. I still can't believe Skeeve got me cake. Cake!

The next day I hung out with Evan and Kyra some more until they had to go home. I swam with Kyra and got sunburned. So now I have to even out my tan so I don't look silly in my strapless dress when I go on the cruise with Dad :/ I had some henna left over from the last time I did tattoos so I used some of it up on Kyra.

Parts of it came out kind of blobby because the henna had been defrosted and needed to be shaken up

Heart! <3

I hope she managed to get home ok without it smudging on Evan's car. Once henna stains it does not come out.

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