Sunday, June 28, 2009

Disneyland (again)

You guys must be getting tired of these Disneyland posts by now. Well, at least you get new pictures every time.

So last week I went to Disneyland with the kids to use up their two-day passes. We were cutting it pretty close to the expiration date so the kids brought extra cash just in case. Turns out all we had to so was shell out another $25 to upgrade each ticket. Woohoo!

The first thing we did was have lunch. We went to The Golden Horseshoe (or whatever it's called) in Frontier land and had chicken nuggets and root beer floats--num! We saw the very beginning of this one skit that we always seem to catch the middle of. We've never seen the end, but now we've seen the middle and the beginning. Oh well. One of these days. We also got to sit in the upstairs balcony. That was fun.

Since we upgraded the tickets we were able to go to both theme parks, so I dragged Evan and Kyra over to California Adventure to go on the Toy Story ride, which is pretty fun. Evan liked it a lot. Kyra didn't really know what to think of it because she was overheating from all the sun. But we fixed it with ice cream ^.^

We spent the rest of the day in Disneyland and had lots of fun messing around and going on rides. We even survived Dumbo The Killer Elephant. I have the pictures to prove it.


*deep breath* Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Poor Timmy was hanging on for dear life! But luckily we made it in one piece. Whew, that was a close one.

We stayed late and saw the new fireworks. They weren't that great :/ They supposedly cancelled a bunch of stuff because of wind conditions, so they might be better on another night. I heard that Dumbo was supposed to fly over the castle instead of Tinkerbell. I still don't know how they manage to pull that one off. The music was still kind of annoying though. It featured pop re-mixes of Disney princess songs. Why couldn't they just stick with the originals? I mean, really.

Right after the fireworks we rushed over to see the re-vamped version of Fantasmic. Kyra and I were laughing at the prospect of them changing the music and the acts of violence Evan would enact if they did. Lucky for us and everyone else in the immediate vicinity, the music remained the same. Though they did delay the show for fifteen minutes due to technical difficulties. We didn't get to see the new dragon (again, technical difficulties) :( But we did see Flotsam and Jetsam, Ursula's eels. They were pretty neat, but Ursula wasn't there (technical difficulties, anyone?) so it was also kinda sad.

We went on a couple more rides this time and stayed until closing. I was driving this time so we all piled into the car, put on some Disney tunes and got on the freeway to go back to Jolie's house. Except when we got back to the 91 we discovered that the 5 North was closed! WTF, people? So we had to take the looong way back to Jolie's. The 91 West to the 110 North then finally to the 101. Arrg. At least I had some music and Evan and Kyra to keep me awake. They kept drifting in and out of sleep, but one of them always seemed to be awake.

Oh! And Evan pulled a Jerome when we got home! :D See, back when I was going to Disneyland every month with Skeeve, Jerome, and Eden, Jerome would always fall asleep on the way home. The minute we got on the freeway he was out like a light. Then the very second we got off the 110 he'd wake up and in a very sleepy and bewildered voice ask, "Woah, when did we get to Pedro?" It got to the point where every time we got off the freeway Skeeve and I would look at each other and start counting, "One...two...three...four..." And then from the backseat we'd hear: "Dude, when did we get here?"

Evan didn't sleep for the whole ride home, but watching him wake up when we got off the freeway sure brought back memories. Kyra and I laughed and it was most amusing.

I'm sure I'll be back before long. My pass expires next month and I'll probably wait until after my birthday to renew it.

Edit (8:28 pm): Omigosh! I can't believe I forgot to tell you guys about our Jungle Cruise skipper! I think his name was Jonathan and he was the best skipper we've had in quite a while. First of all while we were waiting in line to get on the boat he was making helicopter noises a la Miss Saigon into the microphone. Then once we got on the boat he started making Star Tours references XD Example: "Well hi there everyone! My name is Incredibly Handsome Jonathan. This is probably your first flight and it's...mine too--haha! Braaakes! Braaakes! Where are the brakes?!" It was great! :D Then when we got to the part where the hippos "attack" the boat and the skipper fires the gun into the air to scare them off. Our skipper raised his gun to the sky, fired his shots and told us, "The really dangerous ones are in the trees!"

He was sooo much fun. And now that I think about it, he looked a bit like Scott o.O Scott, what were you doing out of Canada without Eden?

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