Sunday, June 7, 2009

Announcements...and exclamation marks

I  got a new car!  It's a 2009 Ford Focus in a slightly darker shade of blue than the Selkie.  It's still sparkly though ^.^  Also, it has an iPod hookup--woo!  The best part is I got to sign for in all by myself.  Yay for good credit!

In other news, Timmy and I are going to Alaska!  Dad's coming too.  We're gonna see the glaciers before they melt.  I'm pondering making Timmy a little tux to wear to dinner.  We'll be leaving out of Seattle and going to Juneau and Skagway  and then passing through Tracy Arm Fjord.  Then we'll be going to Ketchikan and Victoria, B.C.  Maybe we'll meet up with Scott and Eden if they think they can make it out there.  I know Victoria's not exactly close to Alberta :/  In any case, I think Timmy will quite enjoy it ^.^

And now without any further ado, I bring you this week's random picture.  Eeeeee!  Isn't he adorable?  It's like Timmy and Eeyore had a baby.

And a side note.  If you haven't seen Star Trek yet, go right now!  It.  Was.  Awesome!

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