Friday, May 29, 2009


I got my grades back for the Spring Semester ^.^

ENG 477-Gothic American Literature: A

HIS 300-Research and Writing Skills: B+

HIS 304-Theory and Practice: A

I'm still waiting for my grades from Harbor because I still have school there for another week.  I'm expecting a C for Yoga because of absences and possibly an A though more likely a B for Art Appreciation, again because of absences.  But since those two were my filler "I need three more units" classes I don't really mind too much.

I think more than anything I'm proud that I jumped right in to an upper level English course and not only got an A but also received better grades than many of the English majors in there.  HA!  

The B in Research and Writing Skills doesn't surprise me at all.  Though the plus is a nice touch I wasn't expecting.  I tend to get lower grades in the more basic classes that are designed to teach you how to write and I think that's partly because I just get fed up with all the busy work and partly because I already know how to write.  I got a C in English 101 and a B in English 102 back at Harbor and then went on to get As in every upper level English class after that.  *shrug* It's just the way I am.

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