Thursday, May 7, 2009

Renaissance Faire 2009

Here are pictures from the RenFaire last weekend. I'll have more to post when Kyra sends me hers. Click the link to hear a podcast. Sorry, there wont be a written entry as I am pressed for time :/

Arrr, there be pirates hereabouts



The deliberate graffiti on this wall was hilarious. I know it's kinda small and difficult to read but my two favourites are the one in the middle, "Memorize these times to win a pony!" and the far right, "Daphne hath the PLAGUE!"

One of the Van Kleaver brothers stamping people. In wooden shoes!

Kyra and I were branded

Oh Tree Kid. We will never forget you.

"Dat's craaazy!"

The Van Kleaver tribute to Ghallager. Only funny.

And now for a little game called "pin zee tail on zee milk maid"!

Oh Hans, you are so manly.

Do not try this at home. Go over to a friend's house

Something tells me that's the ten of clubs.

Picture of Broon's finale from last year.

It's just like Sea World!

I should turn this into an icon, shouldn't I?

The world famous Poxy Boggards!


Horsie butt with braided tail.

Horsie going for walkies!

The Broon and Moonie show!

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