Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is what happens when you fail the tram at Disneyland. Disney, Tram-Injured Woman Reach Settlement.

From the Assossciated Press, May 27 2009.

A woman who fell out of a moving Disneyland tram and suffered serious injuries that left her needing 24-hour medical care for the rest of her life has reached a settlement in a lawsuit she filed against Disney.

Lawyers for Qi Zhao and Walt Disney World Co. reached agreement Tuesday, bringing a two-week trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court to an abrupt end.

Details of the accord were not released.

Zhao sued Disney in 2007, alleging the tram driver was going too fast when she fell out, along with two of her sisters.

Zhao hit her head on the pavement, suffering severe traumatic brain injuries and skull fractures.

Disney officials said in a statement they were pleased to have resolved the case and said safety is their top priority.

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