Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here it goes again o.o

Apprentice Bard (8:39:45 PM): Earthquake!

skeeve wolfie (8:39:49 PM): Now?

Apprentice Bard (8:39:53 PM): Yes!

We had a 5.0 close to Inglewood, which is not all that far away from where I live.  I happened to be talking to Skeeve at the time (she lives in Washington) and was the first to announce it.  Who else felt it?


Wolfidy said...

Yay my text is still Pink! :D

ksaldria said...

Silly puppy :)

Quizmo said...

Of course I felt it! It didn't last but two or three seconds and was more of a "jolt," don't you agree?

Now, did you feel the 4.0 that happened today (Tuesday), in the exact same location at 3:49?? Another "jolt" but obviously less intense.

ksaldria said...

I felt it as more of a rolling rumble and not a jolt at all that lasted about ten seconds or so. I was out running errands and didn't catch today's.