Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finals and Insurance

Disclaimer: Warning, this post contains the use of a certain swear word that has until now been avoided to save grandparents and other aged relatives from having a heart attack.  If your mental image of me is still of a little girl sitting on the floor with a bottle of apple juice watching Sleeping Beauty, you may want to skip this one.

Ok, so I've got the ball rolling with the insurance now and I'm in the midst of faxing things in to them so we can get everything to do with the car squared away.  Hopefully I should get about 2 or $3,000 back to put down on another car--woo!

In the meantime I still have a bunch of shit to finish for finals.  The list consists of:

  • Revise that stupid book review on Georges Lefebvre (stupid, stupid, stupid!)
  • Finish the book review on Hunt
  • Write 8 pages about something having to do with American Gothic Lit.
  • Study for History Theory final at 11:30 am tomorrow.


*My momma taught me that there are no bad words, only bad times to use them, and you know what?  Now is the perfect time for that one.  Sorry, Grandparents and other beloved old people, but it's not like you read this blog anyway :P

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