Monday, May 25, 2009

Evan can drive!

For those who may not know, my cousin Evan got his driver's license a couple months ago and has been eager to take me to Disneyland to celebrate. So he somehow managed to wake his sister up at 6: 30 Sunday morning and drive down to my house by 7:15 so he could pick me up and get the three of us to Disneyland as soon as they opened.

Kyra was pretty dead when they got here but I bought Jamba Juice for all of us and she woke up a little more. I also gave her Once Dead Twice Shy by Kim Harrison, who happens to be one of my favorite authors. This is Harrison's first young adult book and I was hoping it might get Kyra interested in her adult novels, which are a lot of fun.

So we got to Disneyland exactly two minutes after they opened. We got there so early that they put us in the Chip and Dale parking lot instead of the larger parking structure. We wandered about for a bit before deciding to go on Small World where Kyra took pictures and Evan said the most astute, brilliant thing I have ever heard.

If you've ever been on the Small World ride you know that you board a little boat which takes you on a miniature tour of the world. You go past all these animatronic dolls in various ethnic dress singing the same song in their native languages. Then, at the very end, all the dolls come together dressed in uniform white versions of their native dress to sing together. In English.

It was at this point that Evan turned to me and said, "See? If only everyone would just be white and speak English we would all get along!" Brilliant observation, Evan. Absolutely brilliant.

So after that we hopped around Fanstasy Land for a while and rode the Snow White ride, which is actually pretty scary for a little kid. But the end of the ride is freaking hilarious. Hence why we went on it. Timmy stayed in my purse most of the time. He got scared off by all the skeletons and spooky trees.

Eventually the smoothies wore off and we actually had real breakfast at Disneyland for the first time in forever. We ate at the River Belle Terrace were Evan and I had scramble eggs, bacon, potatoes, and biscuits. Kyra had pancakes. We went on more rides and then explored Tom Sawyer Island.

They've actually made some really cool changes to the caves that I hadn't noticed before. There's one area that holds the chest of Davey Jones from Pirates 3 and if you touch it, it vibrates so it feels like there's a heart beating in there. There's dead pirates hanging around and other things to touch and make noise. There's still traces of Tom Sawyer hanging around, but the island has been mostly taken over by Pirates of the Caribbean. It's a shame how most kids don't even know who Tom Sawyer is anymore.

Here's Kyra in front of the brook leading up to Tom Sawyer's tree house.

And then Evan, Kyra, and Timmy were trapped in the bone cage from Pirates 2. Oh noes!

Then we escaped and discovered treasure!


We carried our booty into in the caves where it was nice and cool.

And Evan played pirate captain.

So we hit all the usual rides and had a lot of fun. I always have a blast with my cousins no matter what we're doing. The best part is they got to take advantage of a promotion for Southern California residents where they get a 2-day pass for the price of one. So we get to go back again within 30 days. Woohoo!

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