Friday, May 29, 2009

I love when Mom calls me on accident

Quick podcast.


I got my grades back for the Spring Semester ^.^

ENG 477-Gothic American Literature: A

HIS 300-Research and Writing Skills: B+

HIS 304-Theory and Practice: A

I'm still waiting for my grades from Harbor because I still have school there for another week.  I'm expecting a C for Yoga because of absences and possibly an A though more likely a B for Art Appreciation, again because of absences.  But since those two were my filler "I need three more units" classes I don't really mind too much.

I think more than anything I'm proud that I jumped right in to an upper level English course and not only got an A but also received better grades than many of the English majors in there.  HA!  

The B in Research and Writing Skills doesn't surprise me at all.  Though the plus is a nice touch I wasn't expecting.  I tend to get lower grades in the more basic classes that are designed to teach you how to write and I think that's partly because I just get fed up with all the busy work and partly because I already know how to write.  I got a C in English 101 and a B in English 102 back at Harbor and then went on to get As in every upper level English class after that.  *shrug* It's just the way I am.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is what happens when you fail the tram at Disneyland. Disney, Tram-Injured Woman Reach Settlement.

From the Assossciated Press, May 27 2009.

A woman who fell out of a moving Disneyland tram and suffered serious injuries that left her needing 24-hour medical care for the rest of her life has reached a settlement in a lawsuit she filed against Disney.

Lawyers for Qi Zhao and Walt Disney World Co. reached agreement Tuesday, bringing a two-week trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court to an abrupt end.

Details of the accord were not released.

Zhao sued Disney in 2007, alleging the tram driver was going too fast when she fell out, along with two of her sisters.

Zhao hit her head on the pavement, suffering severe traumatic brain injuries and skull fractures.

Disney officials said in a statement they were pleased to have resolved the case and said safety is their top priority.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dad's Birthday Pics

My Dad was more willing to put Timmy in his front pocket than wear his birthday button in plain sight.

A duck came to visit us at Cafe Orleans.

And we got free dessert!

The story of Sleeping Beauty and her good fairies is well know.  Less well known is the story of Sleeping Beauty and Timmy the lucky hedgehog.

All aboard the steam boat!


Timmy visits the natives.

And has his first oyster!

Evan can drive!

For those who may not know, my cousin Evan got his driver's license a couple months ago and has been eager to take me to Disneyland to celebrate. So he somehow managed to wake his sister up at 6: 30 Sunday morning and drive down to my house by 7:15 so he could pick me up and get the three of us to Disneyland as soon as they opened.

Kyra was pretty dead when they got here but I bought Jamba Juice for all of us and she woke up a little more. I also gave her Once Dead Twice Shy by Kim Harrison, who happens to be one of my favorite authors. This is Harrison's first young adult book and I was hoping it might get Kyra interested in her adult novels, which are a lot of fun.

So we got to Disneyland exactly two minutes after they opened. We got there so early that they put us in the Chip and Dale parking lot instead of the larger parking structure. We wandered about for a bit before deciding to go on Small World where Kyra took pictures and Evan said the most astute, brilliant thing I have ever heard.

If you've ever been on the Small World ride you know that you board a little boat which takes you on a miniature tour of the world. You go past all these animatronic dolls in various ethnic dress singing the same song in their native languages. Then, at the very end, all the dolls come together dressed in uniform white versions of their native dress to sing together. In English.

It was at this point that Evan turned to me and said, "See? If only everyone would just be white and speak English we would all get along!" Brilliant observation, Evan. Absolutely brilliant.

So after that we hopped around Fanstasy Land for a while and rode the Snow White ride, which is actually pretty scary for a little kid. But the end of the ride is freaking hilarious. Hence why we went on it. Timmy stayed in my purse most of the time. He got scared off by all the skeletons and spooky trees.

Eventually the smoothies wore off and we actually had real breakfast at Disneyland for the first time in forever. We ate at the River Belle Terrace were Evan and I had scramble eggs, bacon, potatoes, and biscuits. Kyra had pancakes. We went on more rides and then explored Tom Sawyer Island.

They've actually made some really cool changes to the caves that I hadn't noticed before. There's one area that holds the chest of Davey Jones from Pirates 3 and if you touch it, it vibrates so it feels like there's a heart beating in there. There's dead pirates hanging around and other things to touch and make noise. There's still traces of Tom Sawyer hanging around, but the island has been mostly taken over by Pirates of the Caribbean. It's a shame how most kids don't even know who Tom Sawyer is anymore.

Here's Kyra in front of the brook leading up to Tom Sawyer's tree house.

And then Evan, Kyra, and Timmy were trapped in the bone cage from Pirates 2. Oh noes!

Then we escaped and discovered treasure!


We carried our booty into in the caves where it was nice and cool.

And Evan played pirate captain.

So we hit all the usual rides and had a lot of fun. I always have a blast with my cousins no matter what we're doing. The best part is they got to take advantage of a promotion for Southern California residents where they get a 2-day pass for the price of one. So we get to go back again within 30 days. Woohoo!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finals and Insurance

Disclaimer: Warning, this post contains the use of a certain swear word that has until now been avoided to save grandparents and other aged relatives from having a heart attack.  If your mental image of me is still of a little girl sitting on the floor with a bottle of apple juice watching Sleeping Beauty, you may want to skip this one.

Ok, so I've got the ball rolling with the insurance now and I'm in the midst of faxing things in to them so we can get everything to do with the car squared away.  Hopefully I should get about 2 or $3,000 back to put down on another car--woo!

In the meantime I still have a bunch of shit to finish for finals.  The list consists of:

  • Revise that stupid book review on Georges Lefebvre (stupid, stupid, stupid!)
  • Finish the book review on Hunt
  • Write 8 pages about something having to do with American Gothic Lit.
  • Study for History Theory final at 11:30 am tomorrow.


*My momma taught me that there are no bad words, only bad times to use them, and you know what?  Now is the perfect time for that one.  Sorry, Grandparents and other beloved old people, but it's not like you read this blog anyway :P

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh yeah,

Happy Birthday, Eden!

It is today isn't it?  I'm kind of delerious from lack of sleep o.O

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here it goes again o.o

Apprentice Bard (8:39:45 PM): Earthquake!

skeeve wolfie (8:39:49 PM): Now?

Apprentice Bard (8:39:53 PM): Yes!

We had a 5.0 close to Inglewood, which is not all that far away from where I live.  I happened to be talking to Skeeve at the time (she lives in Washington) and was the first to announce it.  Who else felt it?

Monday, May 11, 2009


Just a quick post to explain the lack of updates. Somewhere in the midst of going to doctors, making sure I'm ok, and handling the insurance on the car, I realized that I only have two weeks of school left before the end of the semester. GAH!

So I'm going to be temporarily disappeared until May 21st. I will return to planet Earth as soon as my final papers are completed.

In the meantime, you can listen to my podcast about Dad's birthday from last Tuesday. I'll get pictures up when my classes are over.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Upcoming: Dad's Birthday

Just a little preview for Dad's birthday at Disneyland.

Whyyyyy??? D:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Renaissance Faire 2009

Here are pictures from the RenFaire last weekend. I'll have more to post when Kyra sends me hers. Click the link to hear a podcast. Sorry, there wont be a written entry as I am pressed for time :/

Arrr, there be pirates hereabouts



The deliberate graffiti on this wall was hilarious. I know it's kinda small and difficult to read but my two favourites are the one in the middle, "Memorize these times to win a pony!" and the far right, "Daphne hath the PLAGUE!"

One of the Van Kleaver brothers stamping people. In wooden shoes!

Kyra and I were branded

Oh Tree Kid. We will never forget you.

"Dat's craaazy!"

The Van Kleaver tribute to Ghallager. Only funny.

And now for a little game called "pin zee tail on zee milk maid"!

Oh Hans, you are so manly.

Do not try this at home. Go over to a friend's house

Something tells me that's the ten of clubs.

Picture of Broon's finale from last year.

It's just like Sea World!

I should turn this into an icon, shouldn't I?

The world famous Poxy Boggards!


Horsie butt with braided tail.

Horsie going for walkies!

The Broon and Moonie show!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I still aten't dead

August 2006-May 2009

Dear Blue Selkie,

 I’m sorry I got you into an accident on the freeway coming home from the RenFaire last night.  I’m not exactly sure what happened.  There was an accident in the next lane over.  The guy in front of me slowed down and stopped for no apparent reason.  I braked, but not soon enough, and we smashed right into the car in front of us. 

Thank you for keeping me safe.  Thanks to you, I didn’t break any bones and I walked away without any serious injuries.  I’m going to be sore for a while, but I’m ok and I’m very lucky that you did exactly what you were supposed to do to make sure I didn’t get hurt.

 Thank you for all the adventures.  We had some really good times together.  Remember when we drove down to San Diego with Skeeve, Eden, and Jerome so I could observe the bonobos at the San Diego Zoo for my anthropology class?  Remember how we all laughed because Jerome had to pee really bad?  We got off the freeway and had to drive around forever until we found a bathroom at this public park in the middle of nowhere.  That was absolutely hilarious.

 I will never forget you.  You were the best.  Thanks for taking care of me and making sure I’m still alive.



I would also like to say thanks for the fifty-millionth time to the California Highway Patrol.  You guys were all extremely nice to me and constantly checked on me to make sure I was ok.  Thank you again for all your help.  You guys were awesome.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

RenFaire, Renfaire, Reeeeeeeenfaire!

(This is Evan at his very first RenFaire when he was about 14 or 15.  He's probably going to hate me for posting it, but his sister's going to love me for weeks.)

I am amused because, according to, Irwindale, CA does not exist. So I had to look up Baldwin Park instead, which is in roughly the same area. It looks like tomorrow is going to be one of those weird weather days at the Faire. Usually Renfaire is all "omghot!". Like, seriously. Last year I went with just Skeeve and Evan. Skeeve and I were, of course, wearing our corsets and the temperature outside was somewhere in the upper 90s. We bought water from this nice lady (because it's important to stay hydrated at Faire, heatstroke is not fun, people!) who literally poured two generous handfuls of ice down the front of our corsets. The ice basically sat on top of our cleavage (because that's what corsets are for) for all of two seconds before it melted. That is more or less considered normal weather for the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

But a couple years ago when I took Kyra to the Faire for the first time it was strangely cold. Very weird. Especially since this is going to be Kyra's second trip to the Faire and the forecast is mostly cloudy with a high of 78˚. Apparently my cousin can control the weather. Sweet.

I'm going to be wearing enough layers that I should be fine, but I'll probably bring a couple of cloaks along in case the kids want them. I still call them "the kids" even though they're 17 and 15. Don't know what Kyra is going to be wearing since last I heard she somehow lost her (relatively expensive) bodice. How do you lose a bodice anyway? o.O I still don't know. In any case, I'll be bringing a couple of skirts that I've had sitting around waiting for her for a while. Evan is getting a vest that is...well, not exactly Elizabethan. But now that I've finished putting some trim on it, it doesn't look like it came from Wal-Mart. As much.

As I mentioned in the podcast for those of you who were able to hear it (sorry Quizmo :( ), the theme for the RenFaire this week is the "Wine Tasting Bacchanal Weekend". According to the website it will be a "Grape Stomping, Wine Tasting, Bacchanal and Masquerade Party and Celebration". I'm a little worried about the grape stomping. And I just know there's going to be more drunks than usual this weekend, I just bloody know it. All that aside, I am somewhat tempted to partake in the wine tasting portion. Except I know for a fact that my cousins would be jealous. Darn those cultured cousins of mine and their appreciation for fine food and wine. Damn, now I want some more of that wine that Skeeve and I had at Faerieworlds. I believe it was a Müller-Thurgau and it was yummy! My mother and I seem to have similar tastes when it comes to alcohol. I gotta take my mom drinking one of these days. Or I would if her body hadn't recently decided to reject beer and wine. She can still partake of the hard stuff like bourbon or whiskey but I guess her tummy just decided to say no to fermented grapes and grains. *shrug*

Anyway, it's past midnight now and I should really go to bed since I'm going to be up early tomorrow, but a couple more things before I go.

1) I met Dad at the Redondo Beach Pier today where we had oysters and soft serve green tea ice cream! He also brought me Zachary's stuffed pizza all the way from Berkeley! OMFG, best freaking pizza you will ever eat in your life!

2) I finally got my hands on some Pepsi Throwback, which is made entirely with natural sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. It. Is. Awesome. I hope it sticks around, because if this stuff goes the way of Pepsi Holiday Spice I will cry. Gods, I miss that stuff.

3) Aaaaaand that's it. Goodnight, everybody!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh good, I'm not nuts

We had an itty bitty earthquake here around 6:00 pm.  According to news reports it was a 4.4 and the epicenter was somewhere near Westlake Village.  I was sitting in my room and felt the bed shake very lightly.  I thought it was Helga rolling over against the other side of the wall because it was so brief.  But it looks like I'm not crazy after all.  And, of course, I have an Animaniacs reference for just such an occasion.