Sunday, January 11, 2009

Washington Adventures Part II

Hi everybody. I'll try to recount Thursday and Friday's adventures. Sometimes the days run together and I get confused.

Skeeve says we went to the Tacoma Mall on Thursday, which is when I found my dress. Wednesday we went to the Lakewood Shopping Center. So Thursday the 8th is pretty much covered in my last post.

On Friday we had planned to dive into Seattle and check out the Pacific Science Center. Buuut it turned out we were too sleep deprived to leave the house. So we both went back to bed to catch up on sleep. We woke up much later with a desire for diner food and decided to look up a Sharis, which we discovered during our trip to Oregon. It's the closest thing the Pacific Northwest has to Norms and it's open 24 hours.

The nearest one was in Tacoma, about six miles off the freeway. It took us a while to find it but we managed not to get lost. Turns out it was also right next to a Trader Joes--hooray!

We both had a hankering for breakfast. Skeeve got eggs benedict and I had cinnamon bun french toast. We both had hot chocolate and our waitress even offered to put sprinkles on them ^.^ Dinner/Breakfast was good. I finally got to try their baked potato soup, which was good but not amazing or anything. Dinner was nummy and we got refills on our hot chocolate.

After dinner we walked over to Trader Joes and got a baby cheesecake for later. Skeeve also got some healthy things like freeze dried fruit.

We finished up at Trader Joes and drove back to Lakewood Towne Center to go to Petsmart so Skeeve could get some kind of harness for Peach. I guess Peach has very bad leash manners and pulls to the extent that Skeeve is actually worried she might damage her trachea. Skeeve got her the same harness I've been using on the Rotties, which is the only thing I've found so far that keeps them from pulling. We also saw a Pedi Paws nail trimmer. Peach's claws are pretty sharp and they're also black, which makes them dangerous to trim because you can't see the quick. Skeeve picked that up too. She also got an upstairs water dish that matches the bathroom and a new collar for Peach. Peach got spoiled.

We played video games for a bit when we came home. Then it was off to bed so we could wake up and drive to Seattle the next day.

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