Friday, January 9, 2009

Washington Adventures on the 6th and 7th

I've been in Washington since Tuesday the 6th hanging out with Skeeve. The first couple of days it rained pretty hard and was generally stormy so we didn't do much. The first night we stayed in and ordered pizza--num. We played on the Wii and stayed up washing the sheets for the fold out bed that lives in the couch. Peach forgot her manners that night and peed on the small couch (not the one I was sleeping on) but she learned her lesson and so far has been behaving exceptionally well.

I had trouble breathing the first night because the house was warm and stuffy and carpeted. I do pretty ok with dogs as far as my allergies are concerned, but carpet makes everything ten times worse. I woke up with the beginnings of post nasal drip and general malaise. Skeeve wasn't feeling too well either so we thought at first that maybe I'd brought something home from the airport. We went to the Lakewood shopping center and stopped at Rite-Aid so I could get some pseudoephedrine. You can still get it from the pharmacist but you need your drivers license to buy it *rolls eyes* Yeah. Whatever, stupid FDA.

The couch bed turned out to be really uncomfortable to the point where I was really worried about screwing up my back. So we stopped in at Bed Bath and Beyond and I got a couple pillows for $7 each. I kinda needed new pillows anyway cause the ones at home are kinda old and flat now so I guess it wasn't so bad. It was still pouring so we grabbed Panera for dinner and took it back to the fort.

Getting on base the first time was interesting and kinda scary. I took the exit I was supposed to get off on, but took the wrong fork and wound up at the wrong entrance to the fort. The nice security people let me turn around and pointed me in the right direction. I found the visitors center and went in to get clearance before being allowed on base. It was pouring outside but luckily I remembered to bring my raincoat. So I parked the car and ran inside to tell the army people I was here.

The visitors center was busy and kinda worked like the DMV o.O You had to push a button next to the reason for your visit and take a number and wait for them to call you. It wasn't too long. Probably not more than 20 minutes. I told the lady at the window who I was there to see and she called up Skeeve to make sure I was who I said I was. They made me an extended pass good through the 13th, which has all my information on it, including height, weight, birthday, gender, and race and told me to show my ID and my pass when I got to the gate. Skeeve and I have to show ID every time we want back in.

We had dinner and stayed up for nine hours playing Rock Band. That game is bloody addicting! We also played a bit of Castle Crashers and finally went to sleep around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning.

We dragged ourselves out of bed a few hours later and went to run some errands. Skeeve needed to go to Costco for paper towels so we decided to have lunch there. Costco hot dogs ftw. After that we went to the Tacoma Mall to look around. Skeeve stopped in to Penny's and got herself some long underwear. They're pretty cute. They have stars and moons on them with little black bows.

We also looked through the dresses that were on sale and I miraculously found a blue dress in my size. We went in to try it on and I was completely flabbergasted when it actually fit and looked good. Even though it was on sale I couldn't afford to buy it. It was marked down from $200 to $150, which is still kind of a lot. I already spent a bunch of money on things I wasn't expecting to: pillows, medicine, cough drops etc. so I really couldn't afford it and on top of that wasn't sure when I'd wear it except for maybe the opera if I ever go and Christmas :( I'm kinda hoping that if I find it online God and Richard will get it for me...or I can buy it later cause it was really pretty!

We quietly took a picture in the dressing room before I finally took it off and put it back on the hanger *sad face* I did stop in to the Bare Escentuals store for a new jar of mineral veil so I can stop stealing God's. I've never been in one of their stores before. It was full of shiny things. Again, I wished that I'd had more money but I just didn't. They lady was really nice though. She gave me one of those cards that gets a stamp for every ten dollars you spend in the store and when you get ten stamps you get ten dollars credit which is pretty cool. She gave me four stamps even though I only spent $20. I want to go back for eye shadow eventually. I'll just have to find some stores near Pedro.

That's it for Tuesday and Wednesday. Tomorrow we're going to go explore Seattle! I'll try and post about Thursday and Friday tomorrow and write all about Seattle as soon as I can. Right now it's time for cheesecake. Yay, cheesecake!

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