Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So I've got a couple of sewing projects coming up. I still have to finish my Ghawazee coat for Friday. I'll probably work on that today when I get home from school. I'm still working on the muslin mock up to get the pattern right before I cut into my nice fabric.

Kyra also wants me to make her a black and pink tutu for Bats Day so I have to remember to pick up tulle at Joanne's sometime this week. I also noticed that I have some leftover red stretchy velvet fabric from one of Skeeve's skirts. I was thinking of making some traditional arm warmers for God and Skeeve. I'm sure Skeeve could use them in Washington.

Oh, Denise just showed up. I think I'll talk to her now. Ok bye.

Update: *sigh* Making patterns is hard. I may want to start thinking about other options if I don't finish this coat in time for Friday.

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