Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey look, no TB!

Got my TB test read today and the good news is I still don't have tuberculosis. Yaaaay! Now they'll let me volunteer to work with children again. I also got my flu shot taken care of while I was in the nurse's office. Now there went $10 well spent. Check out my rockin' 90s band-aid! I know you can't see it very well, but it's got the classic 90s palate of neon yellow, pink, green, and blue. It has pink flamingoes and yellow airplanes on it. Ah, childhood.

According to the paperwork I filled out volunteers from grades k-12 in LAUSD are exempt from taking a TB test, which explains why I never had to have one before in all my years of volunteering at Pt. Fermin. Of course it took them a few years to realize I was over 18 and had to go through the adult volunteer process. But to be fair, I wasn't volunteering during college quite as often as I was in high school. So I can sort of see why it took them a while to go, "Heeeey, hang on a minute..."

In other news, God, Richard, and I are all going down to the AT&T store in a short while to get new phones. Finally!

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