Tuesday, October 14, 2008

C is for Cookies!

I told you I'd get to use my new cookie cutter. I made a batch of Alton Brown's sugar cookies for the faculty at Pt. Fermin. Usually I make sugar and pumpkin cookies for Skeeve, Eden, and their husbands during Halloween and Christmas. But it's a bit difficult to ship homemade cookies in the mail. Then again, the sugar cookies would probably last a few days in the mail. I'll probably attempt to ship some for Christmas.

Here's a picture of the cookies side by side. They're frosted with royal icing, which is the worst tasting icing in the history of baking but it's good for making sprinkles stick. It's made from egg whites and powdered sugar and is basically the glue of the baking world. This is the stuff they use to put gingerbread houses and other such sculptures together. The good news is you can't really taste it once it's on the cookie. Just don't try to eat it by itself cause--ewww. I had some leftover melting chocolate so I decided to use that for the jack o' lantern faces and the detail on the hats in lieu of frosting. I'm pretty happy with the way they came out. But I have got to find some other kind of stiff drying frosting to use instead of royal icing.

I'm currently working on a ghawazee coat so I can wear my tribal belly dance garb for Halloween. I'm working with my own pattern which can be seen in progress to the left. Once I get the pattern down with muslin I'll move on to the pretty fabric. Traditionally the ghawazee coat is attributed to parts of Egypt, where they quite liked stripes. The Turks had a similar garment called an entari and they were open to more paisley patterns. The pattern I'm using is probably more victorian than anything else but I rather like it. Ghawazee coats are made from pretty much anything these days (unless you're in the SCA). It'll look neat when I'm done with it. The nice thing about American Tribal Style belly dance is that the idea is to recreate the look and feel of tribal aesthetics, not necessarily being 100% accurate.

Here's a picture of the fabric along with one of the clasps I'll be using. I don't know that I'll try making this garment again because my version is going to be rather simple. I'd love to have a fully lined coat some day made of some kind of brocade. But those cost something in the realm of $80. Maybe one day. We'll see.

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denise said...

*squeals* i love alton brown XD;; haha. i used to watch his good eats show =D
the cookies look delicious :D