Saturday, September 13, 2008

Off to the Theatre!

Today I went with my grandparents to see 9 to 5 the musical. I've never seen the movie but the musical (music and lyrics by Dolly Parton!) was really funny. The opening scene was the best. Everyone starts waking up and singing the title song, "9 to 5" in various stages of dress. Some people are in robes, some in pajamas, others in bras and panties. And this one guy wanders right through the front of the stage sporting a t-shirt, boxers, and huge morning wood. It was hysterical.

Allison Janney (playing Violet Newstead) isn't really a singer, but she sure can act. You could tell that she had extensive coaching on her one song and just kinda did what she could with the rest. Don't get me wrong, the woman was good and she could at least pull off a tune. Unlike some other actors turned singers I've seen. Everyone else was great, too and the dancing was awesome! The Music Director for the show was surprisingly young. I'm suck a dork, I always like to watch the musicians playing as much as the actors performing. The music director, Stephen Oremus, not only conducted but played keyboard during the entire show. Now that's just cool.

Of course Timothy came along as well. He quite enjoyed it. Especially the pot induced hallucination scene. They were either smoking real marijuana onstage or somehow got pot flavored smoke. Either way the whole theatre smelled of pot for the rest of the show. It was great watching the wheels turn in the heads of all the old people in attendance. Once the smoke started to disperse and I got a whiff of it I immediately thought, Oh my god, did they get actual pot for this production? Sweet! Meanwhile all the old people around me are turning their heads nervously and whispering to each other in hushed tones. It was most amusing.

On the whole, I really enjoyed it. It was very funny and the choreography was fantastic. I also found out whilst reading the program that the LA Opera is currently doing three of Puccini's one act operas in a single performance: Il Tabarro, Suor Angelica, and Gianni Schicchi. Gianni Schiichi is the one I really want to see. Woody Allen directed it, which sounds interesting. We'll see if someone wants to go get rush tickets with me. Otherwise maybe I'll see it by myself. They're also doing Mozart's The Magic Flute in January, which I would also be interested in seeing considering I sang the famous aria from that very opera. Did anyone else know that they made The Fly into an opera? I didn't think so. I guess it could be opera material...if you think about it long enough. Placido Domingo is conducting buuuut I'm not sure if I wanna see that one. Maybe next time.


Dave Zeman said...

Ok I found you with a common interest in Stan Rogers... and I marvel at your diversity for such a young woman... you must have great eclectic parents.


ksaldria said...

Thanks! My mom was an actress in college and my father was (still is in his spare time) a composer. So I was doomed from an early age to be involved in music and theatre one way or another.

My interests are extremely eclectic, especially when it comes to music. I was introduced to Stan Rogers by my best friend when I was about 16 and he definitely grew on me. You might also want to check out Great Big Sea, which is another Canadian folk music group that draws some inspiration from Stan Rogers. One of their most recent albums, The Hard and The Easy is a great example of the genre.

Have fun reading the blog! Expect to see a lot of Disneyland posts. I wind up spending quite a bit of time there :)